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Welcome to the English Speaking Club of Aarau,

founded in October 1995. We have members all over the greater Aarau area.

The English Speaking Club offers to any English-speaking people from whatever nationality and mother-tongue, the opportunity to converse in English and to develop their respective abilities.

Furthermore, the club enables and promotes contacts between members, as well as contributes to an active social life and better understanding between the different language and mentality groups.


The annual fees are modest, and you will get the opportunity to join the club as a trial member for free once.
So: no risk but just chances!
For further details please look up section Club Information



The club runs the two following subgroups:
- Conversation Group
- English Reading Circle
For details please look up section Activities.


Should you have any questions, please call:
Vreni Welstead, Tel. 079 281 71 89



Events you probably have missed...

Eating at Restaurant

Telli Egge after the Conversation Group Meeting

Impressions from ancient Rome - visit to the Vindonissa Roman museum in Brugg-Windisch on February, 3, 2013

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Did you ever try Haggis?

Bad luck! You have missed our event on January, 18, 2013!

It was delicious! And all of our members that came had fun this evening.

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