Sabine Frauenknecht leads the conversation group. If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact her also via the email address noted at the end of the Programme.

Conversation Group

Our conversation group meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 7 pm in Restaurant Speck, Zollrain 10 in Aarau.

How to get there? In front of Aarau Railway station - at the bus terminal take

bus # 1 in the direction to "Küttingen", or

bus # 2 in the direction to "Erlinsbach"

to the busstop "Rathausgasse" just in front of the Restaurant.


Why not join us and bring an English speaking friend.




Topics 2018         


January 10.           Something for / from your bucket list and why


February 14.         The four elements earth, water, air, fire


March 14.              Stones


April 11.                 Does art influence your life?


May 9.                   Favorite ways to start your day


June 13.                Meaningful quotes you agree with or not


July                        NO MEETING


August 8.               Books that have changed your life


September 12.       Adventures that you have experienced


October 10.           Things you would like to do this year


November 14.        Films you love to watch over and over


December 12.        Places you would like to visit




You are very welcome to join us.


Contact Tel. Number:

Mrs. Vreni Welstead 079 281 71 89




We meet on Wednesdays in Restaurant "Speck" (1st floor) in Rathausgasse Aarau

Conversation Group