How to learn English Online on the Internet?

Are you familar with the Internet? Are you used to using computers and digital devices?


You may try to learn and improve your English by getting part of a so called online-community using an electronic service on the Internet;

In earlier times students where sitting in a language laboratory, wearing ear-phones, listening to various speeches on tape recordings, and talking into a microphone or talking to the teacher.

Today, this is different. Students are still listening to recordings, may still wear ear-phones, and are still talking to persons, but they now must enrol to an interactive application available on the Internet. The language lab has changed, and has transformed into an interactive service available on-line.

One of these interactive applications on the Internet is called "".

There is a free-of-charge trial package available and we would encourage you to give this facility a try! It might help you improving your English for a small amount of money.