Podcasts to improve your Knowledge of the English Language

What is a Podcast? This is an artificial word created in the age of computer assisted publishing. Since computers are being used not only for publishing information on paper but more and more on the Internet, audio and visual broadcasts became very popular.

iPod is a well known product from the Apple Corporation and became a synonym for a small electronic device capable of playing music, spoken words and also small video sequences. A similar synonym became Sony Corp.'s "Walkman" for playing cassettes when being on the move.

And 'cast' is the short version of 'to broadcast'.

meePodcasts are small sequences of text, speeches, or even videos you can subscribe to. Your subscription is being sent over the Internet to the respective server hosting the podcast you would like to receive regularly.

To do so you should make use of a so called Mediaplayer on your computer. One of these Mediaplayer programs is Apple's "iTunes". But there is a great number of other programmes available.

mWhen starting your mediaplayer programme on your computer, one of these things it can play electronically is music. Sharing these computerised data files among each others is very popular among today's youth.

But your mediaplayer programme can also administer data files you have subscribed to, such as podcasts.

When starting your mediaplayer it will automatically check for updated editions of your favorite podcast, and it will automatically download the latest issue. 

We recommed a couple of podcasts available on the Internet and covering how to improve your knowldge in English language. All of these issues are open to the public and free of charge.

If you find more interesting podcasts on the Internet about English talking, reading and also writing, please let us know. We're open to add more recommendations here.

Popular English talks published by the BBC World Service.



Popular American English and a great number of special publications from various industrial sectors, e.g. healthcare, education and many more, using a vocabulary of their own, published by The Voice Of America.



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FASC - Federation of Anglo-Swiss Clubs: www.fasc.ch